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Quhuo Attracts More Well-educated Youth for Flexible Gigs

BEIJING, Sept. 16, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Quhuo Limited (NASDAQ: QH) ("Quhuo" or the "Company"), a leading tech-enabled workforce operational solution platform in China, has attracted many young workers who tend to look for gigs that come with a high level of flexibility.

Gao Shuaiqi, a 26-year-old food delivery rider and a graduate student, is one of the many who came to Quhuo for flexible staffing options. He joined the local delivery team in April 2022 after receiving his long-awaited admission letter from the prestigious Shanghai Jiao Tong University for his graduate study in law. Gao's hard work has been recognized by the Zhengzhou Federation of Trade Union where he was selected as a finalist for Henan Province's "Best Worker" award.

"Quhuo offers me a great opportunity to work flexible hours, so I can better support my family," said Gao, who usually works during the lunch and dinner peaks, and has to return home to cook for the family and take care of his sick father.

The young aspiring student has a lot on his shoulders. His father, who used to run a furniture business, fell ill last year, and Gao's mother has had to stay home to look after him. Gao's younger brother is still in middle school. After Gao took on the gig opportunity at Quhuo, he quickly became the main revenue generator for the household. He usually takes in 30 delivery orders per day, through which he earns about RMB5,000 (approximately US$744) a month.

The main reason for Gao to join Quhuo lies in the flexibility and the various training programs the Company offers. Such flexibility also helps Gao to strike a balance between his schoolwork and his family support responsibilities. "I get to earn money, take care of my family and study at the same time," he said, adding that he's currently studying for China's professional qualification tests for law practitioners.

Quhuo provides an ideal environment for workers like Gao who have a lot going on in their lives and are in financial need. The Company also organizes training workshops specifically for delivery riders to help them on board smoothly.

"We're glad to hear inspiring stories like Gao's, and we'll continue offering a slew of perks for our employees to ensure their safety and well-being," said Leslie Yu, the CEO of Quhuo. "It's our priority to make sure workers can quickly earn money through proper training and offer a safety net to protect them from potential financial shocks," Leslie added.

The Company has put in place a series of measures for employees in need and has always been striving to improve employees' working experience in Quhuo. It hosts monthly video events and encourages staff to submit videos and tell their stories. When heat wave starts to kick in during the summer, the Company also prepares summer kits for delivery riders, offering them water and other toolkits to prevent sun damage and heat stroke.

About Quhuo Limited

Quhuo Limited (NASDAQ: QH) is a leading workforce operational solutions platform in China. Quhuo provides tech-enabled, end-to-end operational solutions to blue-chip on-demand consumer service businesses in industries with significant e-commerce exposure, including food delivery, ride-hailing, housekeeping and bike-sharing. Quhuo's platform helps its industry customers mobilize a large team of workers and utilizes a combination of training, performance monitoring and refinement, and incentives to transform them into skilled workers who can follow industry-specific, standardized and highly efficient service procedures. Within the on-demand consumer service ecosystem, the Company plays a unique and indispensable role as the link between consumer service businesses and end consumers to enable the delivery of goods, services and experiences to consumers.

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